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Our Mission

It is our mission at DDS to provide our Customers with quality engineered security products, competitive pricing and service that is above the standard of the industry.

Company Profile

DDS incorporated in April of 1985 as the security product marketing and development division of Allington Industries, Inc.  Allington Industries was a major manufacturer for bus, truck, security and industrial products since 1970.  In 1991 Steve Allington decided to merge Allington Industries into the DDS Group

Contact Information

For information contact:

Sales - OEM Manufacturing......       Steve Allington   Steve@dds-group.com        44 Years with DDS

Sales - Detention Products......        Tom Heath         THeath@dds-group.com      22 Years with DDS

Plant Superintendent......                 Ron Blair            RBlair@dds-group.com        41 Years with DDS

Quality Assurance Manager......       Dan Breuner       DBreuner@dds-group.com   38 Years with DDS

Customer Service Manager......        Susan Mariano  SMariano@dds-group.com   16 Years with DDS


Telephone        (800) 900-4DDS or (510) 783-0771

Fax                  (510) 783-5409 or (510) 785-4379

Postal Address   25545 Seaboard Lane, Hayward, CA 94545

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